Living and Working in the United Arab Emirates

Getting towards the close of my profession, I’d been holding up for some fervor in my life for a considerable length of time. My occupation with the Australian Government had changed after progressive rebuilds to work in which I wasn’t intrigued, not prepared, instructed or encountered. Granted, I adapted to the work, yet I felt like a fish out of water. I wildly required another course as I sat holding up for a guaranteed excess bundle.

The point when my wife came back from a trek to the Middle East and inferred I request work in the UAE, I thought she was clowning. She wasn’t. Inside days I was hunting the Internet down occupation opportunities and found there were hundreds. Inside a month or two I had a vocation offer to function as an instructor inside the Faculty of Business at Al Ain Women’s College, one of 13 Higher Colleges of Technology.

Having never existed abroad previously, it was a huge choice to run some place with an inconceivably diverse society, far from our kids and grandson. We concluded that we’d take the test and in the event that it didn’t work out, we could just get back.

“Our Arrival

We touched base at Dubai International Airport at some corrupt hour after a 14 hour outing from Melbourne, Australia. We had been advised that we required to get our Temporary Visas from a migration work area, however while we discovered the work area, the staff was subtle, our first intimation that everything doesn’t run also in the UAE as it does in Australia. Inside a hour, we had passed through Customs, gathered our packs and visas and left the airstrip with an exceptionally agreeable, generally dressed and well-spoken Indian man called Vijay. Vijay was a driver utilized by the Al Ain Colleges and we figured out soon that he was the individual who got things going for new representatives… Mr Fix It.

In the wake of marking my agreement, I was given two envelopes. One held an aggregate of money to blanket our stay at a lodging for six days, the other had a cheque for 30,000 Dirhams for setup costs. We had no clue what a Dirham was truly worth, however it appeared to be a ton of cash… furthermore I hadn’t done full time work yet.


We discovered Al Ain a delightful desert spring with two-path carriageways isolated by iron fences and date palm trees. It was shockingly green for a spot amidst the desert, yet all over we went, we saw that the district had taken extraordinary pride in giving a delightful city a great arrangement of streets and framework. It was much more pleasant than our town in Australia and water was clearly copious.

Extremely clear to us was the distinction in dress around the crowded who were to a great extent Indian, Pakistani, Afghani, Asians, and Arabs. Caucasians like us were generally rare (about 3,000 around 400,000 populace). We could tell where individuals were from by their dress, if not their presence. Indeed the Arabs have distinctive dress; guests from adjacent Oman have hood that recognizes them from the nearby Emiratis, however both wear comparative kandora (a long white, dress-like robe).

Everybody we met was neighborly, regardless of regular dialect hindrances. There was no graffiti and litter was rare. Edifices extended from garish to disintegrating block box homesteads low paid labour. Our convenience in a gigantic lodging complex was palatial by Australian principles; four rooms and a servant’s room, five toilets, high roofs, and a two auto carport. We couldn’t accept that two individuals were to be obliged in such huge settlement.

The HCT’s introduction for our 14 new staff was long and thorough, the best introduction program I had ever encountered. In September I started instructing with classes in human assets subjects for last year learners and figuring and general business for first year understudies.

The Challenges of Teaching

For the initial couple of months I pondered if I had made the right choice. I had 140 learners in class assemblies of 20 matured between 19 and 25. Their English extended from just about inadequate to acceptable and most couldn’t develop a basic sentence. They were evidently unaccustomed to study and not exceptionally roused to take in. Life at school was a getaway from their homes.

My women wore accepted clothing… dark abeyas from neck to foot and dark hood. Some had just their eyes noticeable. Their names were long, as well as basically new to me. I had extraordinary trouble purporting a few names and recalling who was who when they all seemed to be comparable; tan eyes, tan skin and dark dress. After I settled in, I started to understand that they were an extremely youthful parcel contrasted and Australian adolescents.

Numerous had never been to a shop; most had never spoken to guys outside their families; their information of the world was exceptionally limited fitting firmly inside the strict limits of their Islamic religion, society and place in life. They had essentially charming, hilarious demeanors, which was a lifeline as I rapidly created a magnificent compatibility with the majority of them who in a few ways helped me to remember my own particular girl now so far away.

This bizarre individual from Australia with an entertaining stress who spoke quick and at times utilized Australianisms soon fitted within to his new encompasses and made companions with the locals.

While work was an extensive test attempting to rouse them, convey training in a significant and justifiable way, it was likewise fulfilling to realize that one day, what I had helped them take in, might be of quality to them and might, maybe, help the United Arab Emirates.

Making Friends

The best some piece of the entire exploit was the new companions we made with expats from Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, the US, Jordan, Egypt, France, Turkey and even Australia. With the typical cost for basic items so modest, we feasted out every now and again and praised each special day, national day, and regularly ate out simply to impart a feast, a glass of wine and some great organization.

Throughout our middle of the year occasions we figured out how to travel all over Europe, to Canada, Hong Kong and a few Middle Eastern nations outside the UAE. We used a week at Cyprus.


While my pay was about the same as I earned in Australia, there is no pay charge. Truth be told there is barely any charge whatsoever, in spite of the fact that in the event that you eat at an inn now, you pay 10% administration charge and 6% tourism charge. There are charges for engine vehicle enrollment, driver’s licences and so on, yet all were much, much less expensive than I might have paid in Australia. Petrol was very economical as was sustenance and just about everything else, so we existed like lords and denied ourselves of nothing, realizing that this dream would in the long run end.

In spite of the fact that we hadn’t headed off to the UAE to profit, my wife didn’t work and we completed our absolute best to use it on travel, another auto and living agreeably, we exited with a lot of money, some new furniture and tailor-made apparel and so forth. We completed great out of the UAE.


When you live in a secluded spot like Australia, it is not difficult to wind up Australia-driven and perhaps a bit egotistical. Going to different spots widens your standpoint and is the knowledge of a lifetime that each Australian might as well take. It has a humbling impact when you see nations that don’t have drunks lurching about the lanes, no graffiti, no negligible burglary, no road fights, and clean, generally dressed individuals with pride, dissimilar to much of Australia. Alternately, several nations we went to reminded us how extremely lucky we are to have the ability to get on a plane and come back to Australia