Panel Operator Job 2023 in Qatar

Panel Operator Job 2023 in Qatar

Urgent need for Qatar

Salary: 4800QR

Duty: 8 hour

Job Vacancy: 68

Panel Operator Job Description:

A Panel Operator is responsible for operating and monitoring control panels and systems in various industries, such as manufacturing, power plants, oil and gas refineries, water treatment plants, and other process-driven environments. Their primary role is to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of equipment and processes by monitoring and controlling various parameters.

Panel Operator Job Responsibilities:

Here are some key responsibilities typically associated with a Panel Operator job description:

Equipment Operation: Operate control panels, consoles, and computerized systems to start, stop, and regulate the flow of materials and processes. This may involve controlling variables such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, and level.

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Monitor Processes: Continuously monitor and assess the performance of equipment, processes, and systems through the observation of gauges, meters, computer screens, and other control instruments. Detect and identify any abnormalities or deviations from set parameters.

Troubleshooting: Identify and troubleshoot operational issues or equipment malfunctions. Take appropriate corrective actions or notify maintenance personnel to rectify problems and minimize downtime.

Emergency Response: Respond to alarms and emergency situations promptly and appropriately. Take necessary actions to mitigate risks, maintain safety protocols, and protect personnel, equipment, and the environment.

Data Recording and Reporting: Maintain accurate and detailed records of process variables, equipment readings, and operational activities. Generate reports on system performance, deviations, incidents, and any other relevant information.

Process Optimization: Collaborate with engineers, supervisors, and other team members to optimize processes, improve efficiency, and reduce waste. Provide input and suggestions for process improvements based on observations and data analysis.

Compliance and Safety: Adhere to safety protocols, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and industry regulations. Ensure that all activities are performed in accordance with established guidelines to maintain a safe and compliant working environment.

Communication and Collaboration: Communicate effectively with team members, supervisors, and other personnel to relay information, report issues, and coordinate activities. Collaborate with different departments, such as maintenance, engineering, and production, to ensure smooth operations.

Training and Knowledge Enhancement: Stay updated on the latest technologies, equipment, and industry practices through training programs and self-directed learning. Acquire knowledge of new control systems and software to enhance job performance.

Continuous Improvement: Actively participate in continuous improvement initiatives, suggesting and implementing ideas to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.

Panel Operator Job Qualification:

To qualify for a Panel Operator position, the following qualifications are typically sought after:

Education and Training: A high school diploma or equivalent is typically required. Some employers may prefer candidates with additional vocational or technical training in areas such as process operations, control systems, instrumentation, or electrical engineering.

Technical Knowledge: Strong understanding of industrial processes, equipment operation, and control systems is essential. Familiarity with different types of control panels, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), distributed control systems (DCS), and other relevant technologies is highly beneficial.

Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to identify and troubleshoot operational issues, equipment malfunctions, and deviations from set parameters. Strong analytical and critical thinking skills are necessary to make informed decisions and take appropriate corrective actions.

Attention to Detail: Panel Operators must closely monitor processes, readings, and control instruments to ensure accuracy and detect any abnormalities. Being attentive to detail helps in identifying potential problems and ensuring smooth operations.

Communication and Collaboration: Good communication skills are crucial for effective coordination and collaboration with team members, supervisors, and other personnel. The ability to convey information clearly and accurately is important, especially during emergencies or when reporting issues.

Technical Aptitude: Proficiency in using and understanding various technical tools, software applications, and computer interfaces commonly used in panel operations. This may include HMI (Human-Machine Interface) software, data logging systems, and other relevant applications.

Safety Awareness: Strong knowledge of safety protocols, procedures, and regulations relevant to the industry. A commitment to maintaining a safe working environment and adhering to safety guidelines is essential.

Adaptability and Stress Management: Panel Operators often work in fast-paced and dynamic environments. The ability to adapt to changing conditions, manage stress effectively, and make quick decisions under pressure is important.

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Attention to Safety and Quality: A strong commitment to maintaining safety standards and ensuring product or process quality is essential. Panel Operators must understand the importance of following protocols and guidelines to prevent accidents, injuries, and quality issues.

Continuous Learning: Willingness to stay updated on industry trends, technologies, and best practices through training programs, workshops, and self-directed learning. Keeping up with advancements in control systems and process automation is beneficial for career growth.

How to Apply

Company name: Lasani Trade Test & Technical Training Center

Address: Lahore

Phone Number: 0301-6637772, 051-4927056.

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