Steel Fixer Job in Dubai

Steel Fixer Job in Dubai

Urgent need for Dubai

Salary: 2000DHR

Job vacancy: 180

Duty Time : 8 hour

Steel Fixer Job Description:

As a steel fixer, you’ll be responsible for preparing and installing steel reinforcements in concrete structures. Your role involves interpreting blueprints, cutting and shaping steel bars, assembling reinforcements, and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Steel Fixer Job Responsibilities:

Blueprint Interpretation: Read and understand engineering drawings and specifications to determine the type and quantity of steel required.

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Steel Preparation: Cut, bend, and shape steel bars using various tools such as rebar cutters, torches, and bending machines.

Assembly of Reinforcements: Fabricate cages, mats, and other components by securely tying, welding, or fastening steel bars and mesh as per project specifications.

Installation: Place and position steel reinforcements accurately within concrete forms, ensuring alignment as per project requirements and building codes.

Safety Adherence: Follow safety protocols, wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and maintain a safe working environment.

Collaboration: Work closely with engineers, contractors, and other construction professionals to ensure proper installation of steel reinforcements.

Quality Control: Inspect materials and completed installations to ensure they meet industry standards and project specifications.

Repairs and Maintenance: Conduct repairs or modifications to existing steel structures, adhering to engineering guidelines and safety procedures.

Equipment Operation: Operate and maintain various tools and equipment used in steel fixing, including rebar cutters, tying tools, cranes, and hoists.

Documentation: Maintain records of work activities, material usage, and any issues encountered during construction.

Steel Fixer Job Requirements:

  • Proven experience as a steel fixer or similar role in the construction industry.
  • Proficiency in reading blueprints and understanding technical drawings.
  • Ability to use tools and equipment for cutting, bending, and shaping steel.
  • Strong knowledge of safety procedures and protocols.

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  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to work accurately to specifications.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work effectively in a team.

How to Apply

Company Name: MS New Gondal Manpower Bureau OEP

Address:  Rawalpindi

Phone Number: 03006087523, 03456150842, 03137982905.


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